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Willi Sucher 1902 to 1985


German born Willi Sucher had a difficult childhood and youth. Circumstances prevented his fulfilment to become an architect: instead he was apprenticed to a bank and remained in that profession for some twenty years.

In his late teens an uncle introduced him to the work of Rudolf Steiner, also stimulating his interest in the starry worlds and their influence upon humanity. This he began to study intensively, sending the results of his researches to Dr. Elisabeth Vreede, who Steiner had appointed head of the Mathematical-Astronomical Section of the Goetheanum. She encouraged him and helped further his work, thus founding a new study of the stars and their relationship with mankind – Astrosophy.

In 1938 he and his wife left Germany, becoming co-workers in a curative children’s home in England. Here he found that his work could be fruitfully used to give a deeper understanding of these children. Despite the many difficulties during these years the study and research continues with a small group of co-workers. He also published, on a limited scale the results of his findings and lectured widely. In 1955 he lectured in the USA, moving to Los Angeles with his wife and a few associates in 1957: to assist in founding a school for handicapped children. He also continued his extensive writing and lecturing as well. In 1968 he retired to Meadow Vista, California, and continuing to lecture in the USA and Europe, holding study courses and dedicating himself to his life’s work up to the time of his death.

Titles by Willi Sucher

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