Anastasi Ltd provides all the publishing services necessary to take your book from typescript to bound copies. We aim to provide authors with a tailor-made, individual service, which includes:


 Full publishing support Package The full package takes a book from typescript through to bound copies. We arrange each step along the way including production, book launch and distribution, working closely with the author to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Self-publishing support Package This package is to help the author to publish their work themselves. We arrange the technical side; get them an ISBN; design book layout (part of which used to be called type setting); and liaise with their chosen printer. The author then takes delivery of the book and handles all the sales and distribution. This is particularly suitable if you are preparing a new edition of an existing book. Print on demand With POD, the book is printed digitally, and little stock is printed, thus making considerable cost savings, although the unit price is a little higher, the initial capital cost is far less and there is no storage cost or losses from aging stock. It is also easy to modify/update the book if required ready for the next print run. eBooks We are able to produce eBooks either as a stand-alone eBook or in addition to a printed book. Having an eBook in addition to a printed book broadens the reach of a potential audience. As a stand-alone eBook, it is a very cost effective media as, while the preparation costs of the book remain, the printing costs do not apply. eBooks are rapidly increasing in popularity across a vast spectrum of audiences, from fiction and children’s books to education and science to sport and travel, the possibilities are endless. BE PREPARED HOW YOU CAN HELP PRODUCE YOUR BOOK QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY COPY-EDITING AND PROOFREADING Reduce the time and cost of copy-editing and proofreading by ensuring that the typescript is checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Perhaps you could ask one or two of your friends to go through it for you because, as you know what it is supposed to be written, it can be easy to miss more subtle errors. Tip - A good way to copy-edit your work is to have two of you, one reading out loud while the other listens, you will both pick up on errors more easily than one person reading to themselves. YOUR ELECTRONIC FILES AND TEXT It is crucial that you ensure your electronic files and printout match so that we can work either on the printout or within your e-files, safe in the knowledge that both contain your final wording. Please let us have details of the software and hardware you’ve used, particularly if you are not using standard software such as Word or Pages for example. Please don’t use unusual characters or fonts when producing your e-files, as there is a risk that our software won’t recognise them and this may cause an error or misunderstanding. If you book requires special characters, symbols or fonts, for example for linguistics or mathematics, please give as much detail as you can so that we may prepare your text accordingly. YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS AND IMAGES Images resolution should be 360dpi or greater but no less than 300dpi. File format should ideally be TIFF (Tag Image File Format) or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) at best quality. Digital camera photos should be at largest file size possible. OTHER SERVICES SCANNING SERVICE This Service enables you to get old manuscripts onto digital format so that you can work on them in preparation for submission and publication. TYPING SERVICE Handwritten manuscripts and audio tapes are transcribed into a clean-typed format ready for the next stage of reworking, editing or publication. PROOFREADING SERVICE This service will ensure that your completed book is error free, checking the spelling, grammar and punctuation ready for publication. COPYRIGHT We are able to arrange copyright for all aspects of a book including, but not limited to, authors, artists, translators and publishers. PRICES Every book is unique and therefore pricing for each project is caluculated individually, depending on the work involved. Many things determine the costs such as the number of words, the number of illustrations, the book format and the level of copy-editing required, the layout/design and of course the actual printing of the book etc.



With almost 100 years experience in book design and publishing between the Directors, you are in good hands with Anastasi Ltd.


Over the years we have designed many different publications including:


✧ eBooks, Books, Booklets, Magazines

✧ Brochures, Leaflets, Letterheads, Business Cards

✧ Posters, Adverts, News Letters

✧ Greetings Cards, Fine Art Prints, Packaging

✧ Websites, Audio, Video, DVD


And have experience and skills in the following computer and publishing software:


✧ Apple Mac OSX platform

✧ Windows systems

✧ Adobe Suite CS6

◆ Adobe InDesign - page layout for publishing

◆ Adobe Dreamweaver - website creation

◆ Adobe Muse - website creation

◆ Adobe Edge  Animate - animation creation

◆ Adobe Acrobat Pro - creating and editing PDFs

◆ Adobe Illustrator - creating logos, illustrations & diagrams

◆ Adobe Photoshop - editing photos and scans including restoring      old photos, negatives and transparncies.


✧ ABBYY FineReader - OCR image to editable text

✧ Microsoft Office - wordprocessing, presentations and spreadsheets

✧ Apple iWorks - wordprocessing, presentations and spreadsheets

✧ Apple iLife - photo, video and audio editing

✧ Apple iBooks Author - multi-touch eBook creation

✧ Scrivener - book authoring and organising

✧ Mac Family Tree - family history research database

✧ Apple Final Cut Express - video editing and DVD creation

✧ Sound Studio - audio editing

✧ FileMakers and Bento - database

✧ And loads of other sundry software


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