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Bach & the Dance of Heaven & Earth cover Alec Morison's Watercolour Paintings Rich and VibrantBy Alec and Edith G. Morison-Visit our online bookstore to buy this bookBack to topAlec Morison's Watercolour Paintings Rich and VibrantBook DetailsReviewsAlec Morison's Watercolour Paintings Rich and VibrantCelebrating 21 years in the making & 21 years since they were first echibited …When Herbert Geuter, Alec, and I, retired in 1974, we agreed to work together making colour and form the starting point for painting, and to explore the potentials of abstract art. In choosing subjects which would call for rich colour we turned to mythology and Eastern cultures. For us this meant an eye opening study of the classics and eastern literature, which for Herbert Geuter was familiar ground. He helped us also to appreciate the books, “Creative Imagination” by Ibn Arabi and “The Philosophy Of Freedom” by Rudolf Steiner.We evolved a method of work in which he would indicate by a rough sketch a composition of some chosen theme from which we made further sketches. Having selected one of these Dr. Geuter and I translated it into a small version in colour. Alec developed this into a water-colour painting on a large scale which took considerable time to complete. It was the beginning of many years of cooperation. Sadly Herbert Geuter died in 1983. Nevertheless Alec was able to continue the series of pictures which we had already worked on together in sketches and small paintings, so that by 1994 fifty-six pictures were completed.Edith G. MorisonThis unique working together of three people produced extraordinary almost extrasensory Art.Herbert Geuter “The Concept”, Edith G. Morison “The Development” and Alec Morison “The Execution” of each of the 56 paintings in the series.“…It is the use of watercolour of a quality that I’ve rarely seen, he understands watercolour very profoundly as a real craftsman. …”Brendan Flynn, Keeper of Fine Art at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Museums 1975–1998.Published: 2015 Publisher: Anastasi Ltd Author: Alec and Edith G. Morison ISBN: 978-1-910785-11-9 Price £40.00No Review at this time. However these paintings are quite stunning.



Bach & the Dance of Heaven & Earth coverMy Family and Other AncestorsBy Hillier A Clement-Visit our online bookstore to buy this bookBack to topMy Family and Other AncestorsBook DetailsReviewsMy Family and Other ...I got your magnificent book at the end of last week. What can I say? It is an astonishing work of research and scholarship and quite fascinating... it is just extraordinary...-...very much in awe of what you have done.Malyn Newitt, Professor of History, King's College, London. My Family and Other Ancestors: This book covers a wide spectrum of society with some fascinating individual stories and a number of family members playing an important role in world historical events. With over 3000 relatives found-not all mentioned herein-among the events and people are: ancient Irish Kings 1006ad, knights; Navy Captains 1800s; Battle of Trafalgar; merchants; artisans; professor of languages; New Zealand campaign of 1863; Gentleman at Arms, farmers; slave owners; coal mine owners; doctors; priests; pioneers in education; racing at Ascot, bankruptcy, exiled to Australia, killed in action at Gallipoli WWI; artists and designers, to name but a few. About 1000 years of social history in this gem of a book.It is not a heavy learned tome but a fascinating read. With lots of photos mostly from private family archives. The result of over twenty years research which began with a question - 'Who was the lady in the miniature portrait (front cover) family legend thought she was Russian Princess, but was she?' Hillier Clement has always been interested in history and the stories told by family members of times past. Born in 1947, a happy childhood in either Surrey, Cornwall or at her uncle's farm in Worcestershire. After she left school Hillier went to art college and studied dress making and design. Then a wide range of jobs in, soft furnishings and upholstery, travel industry, farm secretary, house keeper, library assistant, librarian, housewife, partner and director in a number of businesses, as well as being a full time mother, wife and carer.Published: 2015 Publisher: Anastasi Ltd Author: Hillier A Clement ISBN: 978-0-9569266-4-7 Price £30.50



\Bach & the Dance of Heaven & Earth coverJohannes Steuck, White Sand and Grey Sand AutobiographyBy Johannes Steuck-Visit our online bookstore to buy this bookBack to topVol 1 Johannes Steuck AutobiographyBook DetailsReviewsJohannes Steuck, White Sand and Grey Sand AutobiographyJohannes Steuck's work in stained glass and sculpture is extensive. This frank autobiography opens with the lives of his forebears, gives a window into W W II, Jewishness and being German. It describes the seemingly fated meeting of his parents in the Camphill Communities in Scotland, and his own arrival.White Sand and Grey Sand tells of the early days of Camphill, its pioneering community spirit, the small seeds of decay already present, its festivals and its colourful characters. Sometimes perhaps, he skirts close to the edge of what should be communicated, but in all fairness, this is balanced by humour and self-deprecation. Wynstones School is portrayed as it was in the 'sixties and 'seventies, with its extraordinary teachers dedicated to renewing education. Johannes describes boarding away from home at the age of nine, growing up, love, first travels, and the inevitable tension between the individual in a small self-contained community and the greater world. And in common with other creative individuals from minority groups, leading to tension and conscious absorption. Running through it all there is an enthusiasm for the world and its creatures, friendships and the beginnings of Johannes' development as an artist.This interesting and entertaining book should appeal both to the 'insider' and the general reader. Published: 2015 Publisher: Anastasi Ltd Author: Johannes Steuck ISBN: 978-0-9569266-9-2 Price £26.00



Two 13th Century World MapsBook DetailsReviewsD. Suffolk describes their significance in the development of human consciousness and connection with Easter 'The Hereford and the Ebstorf World Maps'. A reworking of a talk given on ABC Radio Sydney July 1962 and a lecture for the Anthroposophical Society, Sydney, Australia Easter Sunday 1967. The Ebstorf World Map C.1230. This map was made by, or under the direction of Gervaise of Tilbury (1160 -1234) at the Benedictine Monastery and Choir School dedicated to St Mauritius at Ebstorf (Founded 1197). The Hereford Map 'Mappa Mundi' is a medieval world recording how thirteenth-century scholars interpreted the world in spiritual as well as geographical terms. It bears the name of its author 'Richard of Haldingham or Lafford' (Holdingham and Sleaford in Lincolnshire) and was created around 1300.Published: 2015Publisher: Anastasi LtdAuthor D. A. SuffolkISBN:  978-0-9541048-6-3Book Type: B&W 216 x 140 mmPage Count: 74Price: £11.40No Reviews Available Two Thirteenth Century World Maps, Their significance in the development of human consciousness and connection with EasterBy D. A. SuffolkVisit our online bookstore to buy this bookBack to top




The Handbook of Rising PicturesBook DetailsReviewsThis Handbook should be of help to anyone interested in rising pictures, whether a layman or a scientist. It should help those interested in making rising pictures; those who do not have access to a fully equipped laboratory to standardize their methods rigorously; and those interested in how the pictures arise. The Handbook is intended to fill the void that currently exists in English as many papers on this subject are now out of print.Published:2009 Publisher:Anastasi Ltd ISBN:  978-0-9553077-6-8 Price: £23.00No Reviews AvailableThe Handbook of Rising PicturesBy Janet BarkerVisit our online bookstore to buy this bookBack to top



A Boyhood's Recall Book DetailsReviewsA Boyhood’s Recall 1937-1945: Maesmawr Hall includes a specific tribute to a craftsman who long ago gave the author, when a child, his first opportunity to become acquainted with woodworking tools. Fifty-two years later, that early apprenticeship bore fruit when he made a copy of an antique Flemish harpsichord, a two-year-long project during which his photography darkroom fell into disuse, ‘though it has latterly been essential for the preparation of many illustrations taken especially for this book. The writing of it demanded such intense application of research and composition that a hitherto flourishing vegetable garden partially reverted to Nature! However, its hard-won produce never matched that which Maesmawr’s gardener, Noel Brown, conjured from his plenteous plots, albeit under the watchful eyes of potentially plundering pigeons innumerable! Noel and his Estate colleagues, together with Maesmawr’s house staff, are herein fondly described, illustrated and recalled. So, of course, are the author’s grandparents (his Welsh nain and taid), members of the family and several dear friends, all of whom adored the old house, imbuing it with their personalities. The author hopes that this plenitude of vividly remembered events, and a small boy’s many enthusiasms, will make pleasurable reading. His especial intent is to dwell upon some favourite scenes of Yesteryear, a time when deep personal tragedy was transmuted into a spiritually sustaining happiness through the great love he received at Maesmawr Hall. May these Recollections succeed in conveying it, together with his thankfulness for it, and his unfading memory of those who gave it.Published:2006Republished with additions:2011 Publisher:Michael Ellis-Jones ISBN: 978-09553073-1-7 Price: £54.00No Reviews AvailableA Boyhood's Recall 1937-1945By Michael Ellis-JonesVisit our online bookstore to buy this bookBack to top


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