The Wisdom in Fairy Tales

By Ursula Grahl

The Wisdom in Fairy Tales

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In The Wisdom in Fairy Tales Ursula Grahl deals with an important subject on which she has lectured for many years.

Written in a clear and inspiring way, this bookle draws our deeper attention to the living spiritual truths, which lie hidden in the fairy tales that have been handed down through the centuries from unknown sources.

The author shows how an understanding of the deeper meaning in fairy stories will help anyone to develop a strengthened life of soul. If, with an insight into their meaning, we can tell such stories to young children, they work in a healing and vivifying way upon them and affect their whole lives.

Based on the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner, which Ursula Grahl has studied for more than 20 yeas, The Wisdom in Fairy Tales is a "book not only for those interested in psychology, child education, curative education, the occult sciences, etc. but for everyone.


October 2012



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