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Maria Geuter (1895-1980) devoted her whole life and energy to Anthroposophy. Having worked for many years looking after and feeding ‘children in need of special care’ her particular interest was in the growing and preparation of food able to nourish the soul and body of the growing child. For some years she had an acre or more on Broome Farm, where she grew herbs and seeds Bio-Dynamically. When she no longer had the physical strength to do this work, she put her energy into writing her book ‘Herbs in Nutrition’ and giving many talks all over Britain on various related subjects.


Maria Geuter had a great flare for creating wonderful meals. Having lived through two world wars and often having little to feed her family on, gave her the chance to be inventive and she summoned all her artistic ability to her aid and ‘worked wonders’.


In the Cookery School at Clent she often used to tell her students “If you present a meal beautifully then people are already half nourished by the appearance.” – “Herbs and spices are the greatest givers of life forces to meals.” and “When ill or tired, a good herb soup can revive and stimulate one’s flagging energies both in body and soul in a wonderful way.”


Titles by Maria Geuter

The Food We Eat Book Cover
To Those Who Cook

The Food We Eat

To Those Who Cook

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