Photo of David Clement

1911 – 2007

David Clement is remembered as a gentleman, and a man very much ahead of his time. He was a passionate advocate of organic farming for many decades before it became an accepted part of modern agriculture. This was inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. For most of his life, David was also an active supporter of both Waldorf and curative education. Without his generous support, both financial and moral, many organizations such as: the Soil Association, the Bio Dynamic Agricultural Association, Sunfield Children’s Homes, Park Attwood Clinic, Emerson College, and Elmfield School would have been the poorer. David was respected by every one who met him. He had an extraordinary interest in everyone he met, and was exceptionally broad-minded, even by today’s standards. He would discuss any subject with anyone, even if the subject under discussion didn’t interest him. He had the knack of making every person he met feel that they and their views were important. This interest in people, both old friends and new acquaintances continued right up to his death.

Titles by David Clement

The Battle for the Spirit

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