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The Witch's Granddaughter and the Plight of the Plaque Maker


The Witch's Granddaughter and the Plight of the Plaque Maker coverTHE UNICORN AND THE PEGASUSBook DetailsReviewsThe well published Author David Suffolk started his working life as a surveyor, but at twenty-one decided to enter the world of education and was, for some thirty-six years a primary school teacher working in an independent Steiner Waldorf Schools movement. He taught in UK, Australia, South Africa and Canada. He retired to England in the early nineteen nineties. Most of the characters, locations and situations in this volumes and subsequent ones have their origins in the many and varied experiences he has had with children, adults and animals during the years of carrying the spluttering guttering light of learning round parts of the now deceased British Empire. "The Unicorn and the Pegasus" is a modern fable about how two children through their meeting with a Unicorn and a Pegasus are given a glimpse into the world of elemental and higher super-sensible beings. A dreadful chemical plant explosion threatens a world-wide catastrophe that is averted by the intervention of divine beings. Through the experiences of the children and those connected with them they hope that mankind will take responsibility for the care and healing of our planet. This book was written in 1989 and the message is still vital today.  Published:November 2015 Publisher:Anastasi Ltd Author: David A. Suffolk Legends, Myths, & Fables Number of pages: 218 pp Size:  5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm  Perfect Bound Line Drawings and Maps Reading age: 7 years upwards ISBN: 978-1-910785-09-6THE UNICORN AND THE PEGASUS, A Modern Fable For All AgesBy D.A. SuffolkNew ReleaseVisit our online book store to buy this bookBack to top


The Witch's Granddaughter and the Plight of the Plaque Maker coverThe Witch's GranddaughterBook DetailsReviewsThis is the fourth book in the ‘Sam and Sarah and their Friends’ series. However like the previous volumes it can be read ‘on its own’ and it is not necessary to have read books 1 to 3.Here we find that the quartet of friends begins to grow into a quintet, and beyond, so do their adventures as they now begin to explore the countryside around Bidford Manor and further afield. Other new characters also enter including their father’s older sister the mysterious, dread Aunt Daisy bringing a new perspective to the story, which takes place around the excitement of camping in the grounds of the Manor and nautical expeditions on the Manor’s pond.In part one of the book we also meet the ‘Witch’s Granddaughter’ and part two concerns the ‘Plight of the Plaque Maker’.Published:November 2012 Publisher:Anastasi Ltd  ISBN: 978-0-9553077-3-7 Price: £30.10The Witch's Granddaughter and the Plight of the Plaque MakerBy D.A. SuffolkNew ReleaseVisit our online book store to buy this bookBack to top



A Boundary Stone and Some BoundersBook DetailsReviewsAs they prepare for Christmas the Court and Randell Twins make new friends: Erin Thomas, a local White Witch and her familiar, Rosie a white rabbit. Also Harry and Bess Game, the owners of Bidford Farm, and their two small children, Jill and Brian. As well as Geofrey Neeley, a local village boy. They also come across an old boundary stone which Bidcote’s Village post-master wants to sell to start raising money to improve the almost non-existent village recreational facilties. However this involves some shady dealings with a large insurance company. Once the children and their many friends be come aware of this they are determined to thwart such a sale and save the stone, which is of importance for the whole fabric of the local countryside and its original owner. None other than Sir Brian de Tournai, the Court’s ‘House Guest’! Read on to fi nd out how all this came about and what happened in the end!Published:2008 Publisher:Anastasi Ltd ISBN: 978-0-9553077-2-0 Price: £7.85"I did like the books about Sam and Sarah, they were exiciting! Love from your little fan." Olina (9) Canberra, Austrailia. "...I so enjoyed both [books] and was sorry there wasn't anymore, they were so hard to put down." Dunedin N.Z. "Better than Harry Potter, I wish I could live with the children." A Boundary Stone and Some Bounders -The Adventures of Sam and SarahBy D.A. SuffolkVisit our online book store to buy this bookBack to top


Hallowe'en and  What FollowedBook DetailsReviewsWhen the Court family moved to the West Country the nine-year-old twins, Sam and Sarah, their parents, Derek and Doreen, and their pets, the toy poodle Binky and Cleo the cat who thought she was a dog; became involved in a series of strange happenings in their new home, Bidford Manor. Who are the shadowy beings known as the Enchainers? Why do they wish to drive away its new occupants and destroy the Manor? Who or what is a House Guardian—such as Bill Bluff—who the children invite to their Hallowe’en feast? In their attempts to solve these mysteries Sam and Sarah are aided and abetted by their new-found friends, Stephen and Jane Randell—also nine-year-old twins—and after various adventures they triumph; finding the means to drive out the Enchainers and to restore their House Guardian to his rightful position once more Published:2007 Publisher:Anastasi Ltd ISBN: 978-9553077-0-6
Price: £7.85
"I found it very hard to pull myself away..." "there was intrigue, adventure, mystery, history and curiosity for the reader to enjoy..." Doreen E. Ware, BA (Psych), SC (ITC)
Hallowe'en and What Followed -The Adventures of Sam and SarahBy D.A. Suffolk Visit our online book store to buy this bookBack to top


Sir Brian, Beasts and BroochesBook DetailsReviewsHalf term is over and Sam and Sarah attend their new school, which reveals to them many unexpected and pleasant surprises! At the Manor there are more unusual events. The release of the second House Guardian, known as ‘JJ’ and his employment by their ghostly lodger; one Sir Brian de Tournai, a past owner of the Manor in Elizabethan times: Alchemist, Wizard, Warrior and sometime Inventor, who, they discover lives in the attics. With Stephen and Jane and Binky they become embroiled in a confrontation with two shady journalists who are out to discredit their school and its pupils. However Sir Brian takes a hand in dealing with them! He he also joins in a school trip to a Wild Life Park and manages to save them from an escaped Grizzly Bear, A visit to an Iron Age Camp with their parents and teacher brings—with Binky’s help— a strange brooch into their hands. Who were its original owners and why do the ghostly ‘Riders’ try to snatch it from them? Again with the help of their staunch allies—the Randell Twins—they are able to restore the brooch to its rightful owners before getting down to the task of preparing for Christmas!Published:2007 Publisher:Anastasi Ltd ISBN: 978-0-9553077-1-3 Price: £7.85"The kids absolutely loved your work, they reckon it's a winner" Parent of Andrew (11) and his sister (8), Australia "Excellent for reading aloud to children..."Visit our online book store to buy this bookBack to topSir Brian, Beasts and Brooches -The Adventures of Sam and SarahBy D.A Suffolk


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