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THE creative Voice can be heard in the Seasonal Prayers, the Epistles, of the renewed Christian mysteries. These meditative prayers relate to the life of the year participated. In this companion, the author links to humankind’s first sung prayers, once known by heart by every Christian priest as Messiah’s own “Book of Praises”. He also shares the insights of those who continue to hear the Voice, “musikē”, understood by Plato as a mus-ish educational force, and sometimes called “melos” (tune, musical line).

Every tune focuses on the present moment. We recollect the note before and anticipate the one coming. The Australian aboriginals speak of “song-lines”, and sometimes we also speak of the melody of a life. This companion reveals a “singing-speaking, speaking-singing” linking inner life to outer life throughout the year. Through rhythms, the heart reflects and we divine the music of creation. In this inner workshop, we re-discover an exact mysticism and what the phrase “man of prayer” has always meant.

ALAN STOTT has devoted part of his working life to music for the renewed sacraments.

“You have trodden ground that hitherto no one else has dared to do with regard to this most remarkable sequence of prayers… You approach as a musician… All in all it makes quite a fascinating little work full of weighty content.”

Letter (2001) from TACO BAY, till 2005 Erzoberlenker of The Movement for Religious Renewal

“… a valuable stimulus. It contains many thoughts which are wide-ranging and useful.”

Letter (2003) from HANS-WERNER SCHROEDER.

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The Witch's Granddaughter and the

 Plight of the Plaque Maker


By D. A. Suffolk


Here we fnd that the quartet of friends begins to grow into a quintet, and beyond, so do their adventures as they now begin to explore the countryside around Bidford Manor and further afield. Other new characters also enter including their father’s older sister the mysterious, dread Aunt Daisy bringing a new perspective to the story, which takes place around the excitement of camping in the grounds of the Manor and nautical expeditions on the Manor’s pond.

In part one of the book we also meet the ‘Witch’s Granddaughter’ and part two concerns the ‘Plight of the Plaque Maker’.

 Once again we enter the lives of Sam, Sarah and their friends. If you have read the three earlier adventures you will know that from the first one, which was mainly involved with Bidford Manor and its surroundings, their circle of both friends and knowledge of the district has gradually widened and this volume will widen it still further.

Thus each story becomes more complex, as new characters and places have to be woven into the original fabric. I trust this has been achieved harmoniously, but if, good reader, or listener, you spot any inconsistencies, please let me know.

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